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Welcome to the best music portal in the world: MUZMO.RU, a place where you can find any piece of music you like, without hassle. Using our site couldn't be simpler: there's a handy navigation system and menu, an intuitive design, and also an embedded audio player that continues playing as you switch pages and browse the site. Main characteristics: 1. The ability to play songs from a playlist. The songs play automatically one after the other. 2. Adding songs to a playlist with a single click.  By clicking on the song or on the download icon, you'll find yourself on that song's page, where everything is very simple: you can go to browse the album that the song comes from, go to the page of the artist, or see what music genres the song belongs to. You can also generate the song in any version or format, as well as choose the desired time interval.  The song lyrics and their translation (if available) are just below.  By going to the Menu, you'll be able to see all of the contents of our site. Here, you can click to check out New Hits, Top Charts, and Top Albums, to read interesting music-related articles, to have a look at other interesting websites, and to change the language of the interface. You'll also be able to change the visual organization of the site's pages - choosing either the infinite-scrolling (default) or one-page-at-a-time views. This can be really convenient, depending on your particular needs.  We do everything to make you feel like you are in a warm and caring atmosphere. We work on the site's content daily so as to make it better for you. Muzmo is a place where everyone will find what they are looking for. If you have any questions or requests, as well as any remarks with regard to the site's operation, please write to us at abuse.muzmo@gmail.com, and we will happily assist you and answer any of your queries.
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